Fun with Ebay sellers

Hai Guyz,

So long story short, I’ve been wanting to buy a PS4 to play a couple titles that aren’t available on any of the half dozen consoles that I already own. I bought one off of Ebay, which was supposed to arrive between the 16th and the 20th, it was the 23rd and I had not seen it. The pandemic may have slowed things down, but I was a bit concerned, because it was a $400 item, and because I was anxious to play Final Fantasy VIIR which was released two weeks ago. I logged onto Ebay and literally did nothing but click a link that said,”I have not received item”.


Report button

Within minutes, I got a couple angry messages from the seller


Apparently reporting an item as “not received” locks up the seller’s paypal account. I will keep this in mind for future transactions. I was a bit taken aback by being told to chill, as well as him for blaming me for locking up his account. However, the troll part of me enjoyed the hostile exchange. So I requested an apology. Anyway, I didn’t bother posting my responses because of the way Ebay shows the messages, which would have made taking screencaps a bit tedious. However I can provide my responses if anyone wants them.


On that note, I did receive other packages from Ebay in a timely manner. I also contacted both UPS and USPS(apparently, he originally sent it UPS, but it got transferred from UPS to USPS). USPS told me that they would open up an investigation, and that they would get back to me in 2-3 business days. However, he didn’t need to know that, so I didn’t tell him.

Seller 5

I asked for an apology before “threatening” him with negative feedback. Predictably, rather than apologize, he doubled down.



Seller 6

The government agency I threatened to contact was the Better Business Bureau, who wouldn’t do anything, but I was curious to see how he would respond. I also told him that I requested USPS send back the item. He shows even greater customer service skills by calling me a liar. Although Ebay said that I would actually have to receive the package before returning it.


Seller 7

I couldn’t help but smile when he accused me of borderline harassment, pettiness, and ignorance, all because I was simply wondering why my package was 3 days late.  I am a but salty about having to wait so long, regardless of whose fault it is, but at least I found other ways to entertain myself.


Update 28 April 2020:

After accusing me of harassment, he  asks me to close the case, which would unfreeze his funds. Not only does he do this after accusing me of harassing him, but he fails to do so nicely, notice how he doesn’t even bother to say please. I respond by asking him to apologize for how he has talked to me, in addition to a $200 partial refund, in exchange for closing the case(which would release his funds).


Seller 9

Predictably, he not so politely declines my offer, and instead doubles down.

He also insured a $400 for $50.

Package receipt


I told him that I asked USPS to send the package back, I never said that they’d actually do it. USPS said that they couldn’t find the package, and even if they did I’d need to pay for return shipping. However, I did not feel like elaborating that point with him. As of this update, I’ve yet to receive the package. Fortunately, I bought the thing on credit, and will hopefully either the system or a refund soon.


Seller 8


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