Adventures in being scammed for jobs.

Hai Guyz,

So I’ve been in the job market for the past year or so. Naturally my inbox is flooded with prospective employers. One of these employers was very suspect. My apologies if this post is a bit odd as I am writing it on my cell

Not at all sketchy

Just from reading the e-mail, I’ve noticed several red flags off the bat.

1.) Joshua Joshua,what kind of a name is that?

2.) The company isnt named in the email. Literally every prospective employer has the company name in their signature.

3.) The “hiring manager” has no office number, and uses a Gmail account, who conducts a job interview on googl Hangouts?

4.) They didn’t even bother to use my actual name and simply call me “applicant”?

5.) 5 different jobs are listed in the email, I wonder which one they are hiring me for.

The smart thing to do would be to delete the e-mail. However I wanted to see what was down this rabbit hole.

A quick Google search reveals that Biogened SA is an actual company in Poland. However I don’t see them posting any job openings in the U.S.

Surprisingly, A Google search shows no plans for Biogened expanding in the U.S.

He doesn’t seem to notice that the name I gave him earlier doesn’t match what I just told him.

He never answers ANY of my questions, and simply copy/pastes from the Biogened website.

A very unusual business strategy indeed.

Umm ok, very unusual but ok…

They are willing to pay their employees 46 bucks an hour but make their senior employees use Gmail accounts and Google Hangouts. This doesn’t seem fishy at all.


So I did not elaborate on my any of my answers. Not did he ask for elaboration. How I scored 91 out 100 I have no idea. His hiring manager however thought that someone who gave him a fake name over a job recruting website and hasn’t even met in persob will be a good fit for his company.

Lol, “Software’s”.

He isn’t the least bit fazed that I live at 123 Fake street or that my phone number is 123-456-7890.

So I did get a phone call from an actual job company. I had to make a quick cover story.

How he knew that I have a bank account with USAA I do not know. This does worry me a little and makes me wish that I didn’t venture this far down into the rabbit hole. But no turning back now…

This was an extremely short interview/introduction. My new employer seems very impatient.

He didnt bother to verify any of the information I gave him and he is already trusting me with a $1000 check. What a nice company.

Printing out a check on order to he scanned by a mobile deposit app. A bit unorthodox but ok.

I was actually in bed…but he didn’t need to know.

He actually sent me a check with my fake name on it..

Seems legit, don’t you think?

He is once again impatient and keeps blowing up my phone while I am at my real job. I im him when I get home.

He is less interested as to why I am hospitalized than he is about a $1000 check, what a nice guy.

Mmm hmm…

He doesn’t seem very interested in my story….

A company willing to pay a relatively unskilled employee $46 an hour’s seem awfully concerned over a $1,000 check…..

Its been several hours and I still haven’t heard back. I am guessing that they gave the position to someone else.

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