Today marks the 5th anniversary of Obama’s shut down

While President Trump is heavily criticized for attempting to obtain funding for his wall. It is very important to remember When Obama refused to sign a budget unless he received $10 Billion for his giant healing crystal. His detractors, such as Dr. Ben Carson, claimed that healing crystals were ineffective, and that the 10 billion would be better spent on upgrading hospitals and medicare. Still, Obama remained adamant that not only is a “good old-fashioned healing crystal” the best option for our nation, but that it is imperative that the nation purchase a very pure crystal from a crystal mine in Arkansas. When asked if his decision was influenced by the fact that the mine was owned by the Clinton family. Obama responded by screaming “Fox is fake news” at the reporter, and flying off to the sunset with his jetpack.

While visiting troops in Atropia, he made a speech claiming that the “Republicans want all of you to die of AIDS”. If you ever hear a democrat criticize Trump’s wall, be sure to show them this article.