Buyer Beware, ALWAYS check the dimensions of Ebay items before clicking Buy

So long story short, I have moved into an apartment by myself for the first time in my life. Said apartment is not furnished, which means that I have to buy al of my furniture from scratch, including my bed.Being the Ultra-mature person that I am, I thought it would be fun to get a Totoro-shaped bed.

I’ve seen dozens of different sellers on Ebay sell the same Totoro-shaped bed. The girl in the picture appears to be an adult, albeit a petite one(an assumption I make based solely on  her ethnicity). I figured that if she can lay on it comfortably, then so can I.


A week later, it arrives at the post office. I was a tad worried when I saw how tiny the package was. I figured that whoever packed it must’ve packed it really tightly to save on shipping….


I rush home to open the damn thing, having every intention of sleeping on it that night.

When I fully unpack the damn thing, this is what I get…

This isn’t big enough to use as a bean bag, let alone a bed. At best, this is a glorified stuffed animal. I felt very much ripped off and left a negative review.The seller was quick to take notice.


I pointed out that the item he sent me was much smaller than the one in the pictures(assuming of course that the girl pictured isn’t a child or a midget). He pointed out that the dimensions were listed in the description, which I didn’t scroll down to read. In all fairness, he did offer to accept  a return.