Being Catfished in Tucson

Hai Guyz,

So I get this text out of the blue…


I actually live an hour away from Tucson. When I asked how she got my number, she gave the name of a dating site that I use on occasion(If any dating profile stated that they were underaged I would’ve reported it ASAP, and I sure as hell wouldn’t send them my cell number).

So I decided to do a reverse image search:C2qqqOqXUAIISnI.jpg large

The girl in question is apparently named Sammie Daniels, and is on Twitter along with several porn sites.

Last, I decided to do a reverse phone search

FireShot Screen Capture #001 - 'Phone report for (803) 318-5873 - PeopleByName_com' - www_peoplebyname_com_accounts_report_php_number=8033185873

Frederico Rucio from Gaston, South Carolina.  Sadly, when I actually called, I got no answer. Not today Isis, Not today.


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