The Wax Museum at New Babbage

Hai Guyz,

For this week I visit New Babbage, a somewhat Steampunk-themed sim that has been around since I’ve been in SL. The sim itself is pretty large, and I didn’t feel like reviewing all of it. I have opted to instead showcase what I personally found the most interesting, a wax museum in Second Life.


Entryway to the msueum


Babbage has lots of Airships.

Upon Entering the building, I come across depictions of Edgar Allen Poe, H.P. Lovecraft, and Aleister Crowley.


Edgar Allen Poe


Alistair Crowley



At the end of the first hall I come upon a bar and dancefloor. Quite an odd thing to have in a wax museum!!! I then notice a door off to my left, whereupon entry I am greeted by what I think is supposed to be Igor.


A bar in a wax museum, who would have though?


Igor, I presume?


Indeed, the chamber of Horrors contains plenty of blood and Gore!!


Snapshot_013 Snapshot_012 Snapshot_011 Snapshot_010 Snapshot_009 Snapshot_008 Snapshot_007 Snapshot_006 Snapshot_005

Some of the scenes I’ve recognized are from Frankenstein, Cthulhu, The Fly, The Time machine, and a few others that I did not recognize. All of which have a notecard that explains the scene.

I came across yet another mysterious door, this one leading me to what appears to be a secret underground passage that leads to a bakery.


Snapshot_022 Snapshot_023 Snapshot_024

I then explored the rest of Babbage and called it a day

Snapshot_017 Snapshot_016 Snapshot_018 Snapshot_015

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