The Wax Museum at New Babbage

Hai Guyz,

For this week I visit New Babbage, a somewhat Steampunk-themed sim that has been around since I’ve been in SL. The sim itself is pretty large, and I didn’t feel like reviewing all of it. I have opted to instead showcase what I personally found the most interesting, a wax museum in Second Life.


Entryway to the msueum


Babbage has lots of Airships.

Upon Entering the building, I come across depictions of Edgar Allen Poe, H.P. Lovecraft, and Aleister Crowley.


Edgar Allen Poe


Alistair Crowley



At the end of the first hall I come upon a bar and dancefloor. Quite an odd thing to have in a wax museum!!! I then notice a door off to my left, whereupon entry I am greeted by what I think is supposed to be Igor.


A bar in a wax museum, who would have though?


Igor, I presume?


Indeed, the chamber of Horrors contains plenty of blood and Gore!!


Snapshot_013 Snapshot_012 Snapshot_011 Snapshot_010 Snapshot_009 Snapshot_008 Snapshot_007 Snapshot_006 Snapshot_005

Some of the scenes I’ve recognized are from Frankenstein, Cthulhu, The Fly, The Time machine, and a few others that I did not recognize. All of which have a notecard that explains the scene.

I came across yet another mysterious door, this one leading me to what appears to be a secret underground passage that leads to a bakery.


Snapshot_022 Snapshot_023 Snapshot_024

I then explored the rest of Babbage and called it a day

Snapshot_017 Snapshot_016 Snapshot_018 Snapshot_015


12 October 2015 edit: A reader pointed out that I forgot to post the Slurl, here it is.

Hai Guyz,

For my second Blog post, I wish to feature a place called “Dreamers”.  While wandering aimlessly about Second Life. I came across a dozen heads carved from stone. In each head is a “dream”, accessible by clicking on some of the heads. There are about half a dozen dreams in all.


In the first dream, I came upon an abdandoned home. However it was not uninhabited, as there are plotted plants that look as though they are cared for.

Dreamers_002 Dreamers_003 Dreamers_004

In My Second Dream, I came upon a Mr.Game & Watch performing on an empty stage. Like the first dream, the landscape appeared abandoned and dilapidated, and was slowly being reclaimed by nature.


Even the chessboard is covered in weeds, the pieces look as though someone left in the middle of the game. Maybe Mr. Game & Watch likes to play with the guests?


Also it was raining hearts and lines


My third Dream is all about chains. The trees are chained, the eggs are chained. Chains everywhere. Also a tree dripping oil. Maybe the dreamer felt trapped?

Dreamers_009 Dreamers_010 Dreamers_011 Dreamers_012

The Fourth Dream is much less dour than the others so far, and took on a mechanical theme. I found this really awesome bumper car. Sadly, I couldn’t take it with me outside of the dream.



Even the chickens are mechanical


The Last dream is Nautical in nature. The Aquarium is chained, which is odd. Who would try to steal a huge Aquarium?


Anyway, This concludes my Second Blog post. I am currently looking for fun places to fly or drive my vehicles.